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Praxello has delivered innovative solutions and services for variety of verticals. Take a look at some of our exciting projects.

SmartVetNet Digital Platform

SmartVetNet (SVN) is a digital platform to provide smart, responsive and intelligent interface for veterinarians and farmers to enable easy data collection, tracking and much more. It connects ecosystem partners such as drug, vaccine, feed and equipment manufacturers with the doctors and farmers. SVN captures clinical treatment data of animals, one case paper at time. It does this through a mobile phone interface and voice bot, which is coming soon.

Centralized Data Registry (CDR) is the core component of SVN. It sits under the neural network powered by deep learning through artificial intelligence and machine learning. The neural network is capable of answering several unexplored questions for the veterinarians, animal husbandry administration and ecosystem partners.
It also provides Few examples of insights available in real-time at District, Regional, State and Country level are:
  • Vaccination consumption and usage patterns with detailed demographics
  • Information on symptoms, diseases, use of medicines
  • Hospital wise, species/breed-wise animal diseases and treatments
  • Usage pattern of semen for artificial insemination, quantity of straws used, Calf Born ratio etc.
  • Intelligently suggest treatment based on symptoms and diagnosis and suggest samples to be collected.
  • Predict success of veterinary procedures such as artificial insemination by learning from vast amount of clinical treatments.

  • Hospital Information Management System

    Smart OPD

    An OPD Management solution (SOPD) for Cardiologists to manage Patients records, treatments and reports. The app includes easy way to refer to prescriptions, 2D Echo reports and online videos suggested by the Cardiologists. It incorporates 'Quick Heart Health' calculator that can give an indication of heart health for next 10 years.

    Hospital Information Management System

    Smart IPD

    Praxello provides a complete Hospital Information Management System (SIPD) for you end to end business requirements. The solution includes a rich set of features that help you to manage your practice in a smart and digital way. You can be on your journey to get NABH accreditation with our solution. And maintain it on ongoing basis if you are already accredited.

    There are several useful modules that augment HMIS such as Appointment Management, Token Number Displays, Payment Handling, Ease of Documentation, Reporting and Analytics, Managing Referrals, Stock/Inventory Management, Media Schedule Management and Vehicle Management.
    There are mobile apps for Patients, Doctors and Hospital Staff to access critical data on the fly.

    Smart PRO App

    If your hospital uses the services of Public Relationship Officers (PROs), then it is important to know if the PROs are working in the areas they are designated. Also, it is critical to ascertain that the PRO has indeed visited the Doctor ‘in person’. It is also required to ensure that the data collected by the PROs is complete. The data about Doctors and their specializations/areas served etc. can be used effectively by the hospital management for various operational decisions.

    Smart PRO App (SPRO) tracks and monitors the PROs for their activities while in the field. It helps PROs collect contacts data in a structured manner as they visit various clinics and doctors. The app is installed on PROs' mobile phone and they use it to enter contact details of each doctor they visit using a simple yet effective form. The app also has Admin interface to view consolidated reports.
    The insights help the Management to asses and evaluate the time spent by the PROs in the field and track their effectiveness.
    The structured contact details gathered by PROs can be easily exported to your CRM system or even Excel sheet for immediate use.

    Smart Patient App

    The Smart Patient App (SPTA) helps all patients to get quick access to their medical records.

    The application includes following characteristic features to enable paperless interactions and easy, anytime access for the patients:
  • Includes all medical prescriptions sorted according to visit dates. Includes detailed 2D Echo Reports, Push Notification for prescription upload, Next Visit Date reminder, Fees Receipts, Medicine Reminders, Appointment Reminders, Online Fees Payment, Profile photo for hospital records. Patient can upload other any reports prescribed by doctor remotely.
  • It also tells waiting time for an appointment on a scheduled day depending on the number of patients in the queue.
  • Important videos, health articles, health camps flyers, promotions etc. can be pushed by the hospital for patient awareness.

  • Smart Admin App

    Smart Admin App (SAP) helps your hospital staff to get in touch with your doctors all around the world.

    The application has following characteristic features specially designed for hospitals in India.
  • Area wise listing of Doctors
  • Specialization wise listing of Doctors
  • Send bulk SMS to Doctors, View Contacts Directory

  • Smart Call Manager App

    Smart Call Manager (SCM) is an application for phone call tracking and logging, typically useful for Call Center or Reception Desk type operations.

    It helps to generate detailed reports on all calls received and made across all Customer Care resources. It also helps to assess metrics covering all touch points of marketing campaigns.
    The app has following capabilities: Call Interception – Mobile (Android): Intercept Calls received on office mobiles, Intercept dialed calls, Information intercepted is posted to common pool to enhance, Interception Module – Web app: Tagging of employees and departments master data, Show call details with caller and reception mobile details, Feed information/form details for the call, Send ‘Thank you for calling ’ greeting SMS after logging the details of the call.
    Reporting Dashboard – Web app: Daily Calls performance, Caller wise performance, Department wise performance.

    Smart MR Visit Management App

    Doctors need efficient management of MR visits to ensure that they give sufficient time to each visiting MR. Smart MR Visit Management (SMRV) app streamlines the MR visits efficiently.

    MRs are registered by the doctor or their OPD staff, MRs can request appointment and doctor can approve/reject depending on the workload for a particular day.
    App generates reports that can be used to track overall efficiency of MR visit management.
    App can also be used by Pharma companies or Doctors to show videos, health articles, health camps flyers, promotions increase healthcare awareness.

    Smart Connected Community App

    Praxello’s Smart Connected Community (SCC) solution is a comprehensive platform purpose built for professionals to share knowledge, chat, advertise and collaborate effectively. With SCC members get complete visibility and communicate with each other effectively.
    Highly secure, turnkey solution for small and medium-sized businesses designed for effective collaboration, communication, social networking, event management and knowledge management.

    It allows better knowledge continuity by moving data from silos to a well-protected centralized and shareable repository.
    Features of SCC include:
  • Academic Posts: Study, research, reference material posted by group members
  • Grid: Community chat messenger to chat 1:1 or in a group
  • Jobs: Community job posting microsite. Helps to provide references, recommendations for the candidates
  • Events: CME, general meetings, conferences, vendor presentations and other event management capabilities
  • Advertisements: Relevant ads to promote sponsoring brands or socialize chapter meets, conferences etc

  • Smart Event Management Platform

    Praxello’s Smart Event Management Platform (SEM) provides complete event management for large conferences.

    SEM helps to plan, promote and execute events, large or small, efficiently from start to finish. It helps to save time, increase productivity, drive revenue, and increase ROI.
    SEM’s high-performance toolkit helps to Conference Managers and their staff to streamline backstage operations and maximize engagement.
    Features of SEM include:
  • Create Event Calendar, Schedule, Agenda, Speakers, Slots, Locations etc.
  • Allow attendees to register for the conference. Provide integration with payment gateway for accepting conference fees.
  • Allow attendees to select a session and add it to their personal agenda
  • Provide notifications to attendees before the session starts.
  • Provide notifications to attendees when collateral is posted against the session.
  • Allow attendees to post comments, likes and feedback for each session.
  • Allow Conference Staff to print ID badges and check-in the attendees.
  • Provide list of attendees with their details to Conference Managers.
  • Track attendance for each session and provide real-time analytics to Conference Managers.
  • Allow advertisers to use SEM platform to promote their brands.
  • Provide capability for logging into Conference WiFi hotspot.
  • Provide custom website for the Conference to drive penetration.

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